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Saxophones, Bass Clarinet


Started playing the saxophone in 1976 and studied music in 1979 at first in Vienna, later on in Cologne. Apart from the soprano, the tenor and the baritone saxophones, the bass clarinet is one of his instruments. He puts his emphasis of work on Improvised music, preferably in ensembles that work continuously, such as 'A.Q.T R.Z.', 'URL', Ensemble 2 INQ and Duos with Martin Theurer, Hans Tammen and Philippe Micol. He collaborates with artists, dancers and actors, founder in charge of the sub-label 'Improvisers´ Series' of NURNICHTNUR publishing company for the arts and productions.
Besides his musical works he is engaged in cultural politics: He was a former member of the 'Kölner Jazzhaus Initiative (Stadtgarten)'. Ten years ago he founded together with Paul Hubweber the 'AIM e.V.', an association for Improvised Music. Mainly they organize concerts, small festivals and a 'Symposium of Improvised Music (January 2000)' in the 'Loft' in Cologne.
Several radio productions, releases and issues.

with Kölner Saxophon Mafia:
o `Saxuelle Befreiung´
o `Unerhört - Stadtklänge´
o `Im Wasserspeicher´
o `10 Jahre Kölner Saxophon Mafia´

o `Elements´
o `Anythiong goes - nothing moves´
o 'Kollateralschäden'
with Lunx:
o `Lunx´

o Trio mit Sue Schlotte (Violincello ) und Martin Theurer (Piano)
o Septett mit Thomas Lehn (Analoger Synthesizer), Gunda Gottschalk (Violine), Martin Theurer (Piano), Erhard Hirt ( Gitarre, Elektronik), Paul Hubweber (Posaune), Sue Schlotte ( Violincello) , Joachim Zoepf (Saxophone, Baßklarinette)
o "Konfabulation" - URL (uniform resource locator)

Single projects (excerpt):
o Videoperformances mit Harald Busch , Philippe Micol und Claudia Wissmann vom Künstlerhaus Dortmund
o Zusammenarbeit mit dem Kolab Tanztheater in Frankfurt
o Theaterprojekt mit Gisela Marx Köln
o `Auslegungssache´Performance mit Wolfgang Schliemann und Philippe Micol
o Klanginstallationen mit dem Bull´s Eye Ensemble
o interfineart with Marcus Heesch (live tempera), Fine Kwiatkowski(dance), Wolfgang Schliemann (percussion)

Still working long time projects:
o A. Q. T R. Z.
o Ensemble H/ 2 INCQ
o Duo with Martin Theurer
o Trio with Sue Schlotte and Martin Theurer
o Duo with Philippe Micol
o URL,
o quatuohr,
o stringhorn ensemble

Joachim Zoepf
Saxophon lernen

    Available at NURNICHTNUR:
  'Geschmacksarbeit (solo)' - CD 2018
  'Bagatellen (solo)' - CD 2019
  'ENSEMBLE 2INCQ - RHÖN, live in 2002' - CD 2006
  "" 'Zweieiige Zwillinge' - CD 2005
  "" "" 'Joachim Zoepf: Production: BERSERKER' - CD 2005
  "" 'Joachim Zoepf: [kju:], too' - CD 2004
  'Können Improvisatoren tanzen?' - Buch und CD 2003
  'live-tempera - lang gekracht' - CD 2003
  'QUATUOHR - [KJU:]' - CD - 2002
  'Konfabulation' - CD 2002
  'Kaffee & Kuchen' - CD 2001
  'Kollateralschäden' - CD 1999
  'TroisVenture' - CD 1999 - sold out
  'A.Q.TR.Z' - CD 1999 - sold out
  'Konferenz der Köche' - CD 1999 - sold out
  'U Boot Party' - CD 1998 - sold out
  'ZWEI + ZWEI SIND DREI, 1. Konzert' - CD 1998 - sold out
  'anything goes - nothing moves' - CD 1996